Sharyn Steel

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Five Sons and a 100 Muri of Rice

Five Sons and a Hundred Muri of Rice

Five Sons and a Hundred Muri of Rice, written by Sharyn Steel and Zoe Dryden is the life story of Kharika, a Nepalese woman, who was married at the age of five, and abused when she had daughters not sons.

Now in her nineties, she is am amazing survivor, owning rice fields in southern Nepal and micro lending to other villagers. She use stones for her calculations, as she doesn’t read or write. The title of the book was her mantra when she visited a small Hindu temple in the Himalayas, and living with her husband and a second wife he had taken.She has had 12 children and helped look after four children of the second wife after she died. 

The book is available from Amazon where it has been a bestseller. An audio recording of it is available from Radio New Zealand

working as a journalist in 1969...

Struggling to Fly

Sharyn Steel's book Struggling to Fly is the story
of a young woman who struggles to enter the male
world of general journalism in 1969.

Catapulting through the changes for women in the workforce in New Zealand over the next twenty years, she breaks down barriers, and involves in protests, political changes and motherhood.
She experiences a secret service investigation in the 1970's and becomes a business editor in the 1980's.

This is the story of her personal, professional, political and spiritual challenges during that period.
The book is currently available as an ebook in multiformat downloading at Amazon Kindle

A video of her book launch is available on You Tube

Sharyn was born in Gore in the south of New Zealand, grew up in Dunedin, and currently lives in Wellington NZ.

Zoe Dryden is Sharyn's daughter, who has a company Second Base,  taking clients to Nepal for aid and personal development